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The individuals below have been submitted without enough information for a profile on our research page but with enough to meet our Far-Left criteria. Examples of possible information needed could be positive identification, socials, photos, address -for service of process, etc.

Please provide as much information as you have.

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Individuals listed on the "Information Needed" segment of YourDaddyJoey may or may not be suspected of a crime or involvement in Antifa, terrorism, or terroristic groups. Being featured here means that based on the best available information in the *Tip* in question the individual has met one or more of the criteria for a YourDaddyJoey profile but we do not have enough information to create a full profile on our *Research* page. We use the term "terrorists" because it is the term that the United States Department of Justice has used to define "Antifa" and their far-left enablers. However, the criminal definition of the term "terrorist" is not something that should be taken lightly. We do not determine if a profile subject is a "terrorist" or criminal under the criminal definition of the terms. Anyone accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law.

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If you don't see a profile and believe one should appear on this site, please use the Tips form to anonymously let us know and we will review the submission against our criteria and if it meets one or more then we will have a profile available within 24 hours or as time permits.